Democrat Toxic Policies Unwitting Cause of Black on Jewish Crime

The Democratic Party’s toxic Leftist policies have their fingerprints all over the ugly specter of black people hating on Jews in the New York City area over the last month.

That’s the unfortunate answer to the question as to why blacks have been shooting, attacking, punching, and slashing Jews in at least 11 incidents in recent weeks in New York State and New Jersey. Two orthodox Jews have been killed with a third in critical condition as of this writing.

There is a racial hierarchy in the Democrat Party

But it will be very difficult for Democrats to be critical of the black community, because blacks form that party’s most loyal voting bloc. The same will hold true if Muslims in this country begin to attack Jews because Muslims are also a completely reliable constituency for Democrats.

Open Borders got Jews killed in Pittsburgh in the Tree of Life shooting last fall as well. The alleged perpetrator was quoted saying that he attacked there because that synagogue held a pro-Open Borders event in the days before the massacre. Not an excuse, but a fact, nonetheless.

There is a racial hierarchy in the Democrat Party in which nobody can be more a victim of racism than black people. Incredibly, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio said as much when he averred that anti-Semitism is a phenomena only of the Right, and never the Left. In this view, it may not even be anti-Semitic for blacks to attack Jews, but rather it is simple crime, maybe not even crime, but an aberration— an understandable societal flaw that one must consider given the racism in American Life. But, as one person wrote recently, Jewish Lives Matter, too, and Jews are now asking police and the courts to take these attacks seriously, so that others will be wary to follow suit.

Poison of the Left

More and more black people are supporting President Trump, given the lowest black unemployment in history. It is indeed ironic that these black on Jewish attacks have occurred during the Trump presidency, when he has been accused of being soft on white supremacy! So, are you saying the president is encouraging blacks to kill Jews, too? That’s nonsense. But some barrier in the black community has ruptured and some black people apparently feel it is OK to attack Jews for being Jews. This is different from Crown Heights thirty years ago, which had specific circumstances including a misunderstanding and tensions that existed with police.

In conclusion, the Left’s dividing people into “communities” with Identity Politics creates racial animosity, in which, as it said in the book Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

This is the poison of the Left, that has destroyed the black family and sentenced black children to failing public schools because the Democrats block all efforts to enable parents to send their children to schools of choice or charter schools. And as Jews of the Left welcome millions and millions of unassimilated immigrants to these shores, the risk grows that more chaos lies ahead for America’s Jews, just as in Europe.

Both blacks and Jews need to leave the Democrat Party plantation

Both blacks and Jews need to leave the Democrat Party plantation and work together to embrace American Liberty and the traditional values of fidelity and family, and end this inter-community hostility before it becomes a veritable plague. Black people have already been decimated by the Radical Left agenda, and now, more than ever, Jews need to leave the Democrat Party for their own personal safety.

The remaining question for the Jews in America? Is this the beginning of a massive expansion of anti-Semitism as seen in Europe or something that can be nipped in the bud? The only sure thing to improve the situation is defeating the Democrat agenda and setting America back to the vision of the Founders and restoring the republic and the idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with limited government and individual opportunity for all. Amen.

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