Giuliani: They’re Doing Impeachment To Hide “Full Scope” Of Democratic Party’s Corruption In Ukraine

RUDY GIULIANI: I believe that historically, this impeachment will not be called an impeachment. It will be called an illegal coup. I think it will go down in history to disgrace Nancy Pelosi and Schiff. There has never been a partisan impeachment. There has never been an impeachment based on something that isn’t a crime. There has never been an impeachment that was put through with no witnesses or lawyers being allowed, threatening to put people in jail…

REPORTER: You just got back from Ukraine. What did you do?

GIULIANI: Well, a lot of things I learned I can’t reveal yet, but what I learned is the corruption in Ukraine is vast and extensive, it highly involves the Democratic Party — not just in 2016, but for many years, and one of the reasons they’re doing this impeachment is when the full scope of what happened in the Ukraine comes out, there are going to be an awful lot of Americans who participated in the Ukrainian corruption. In fact, we shouldn’t call it Ukrainian corruption, we should call it American-Ukrainian corruption.

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