Soleimani’s Death Has Bad Consequences for the Democrats

The consequences of Major General Qasem Soleimani’s death by American forces are now apparent and the Democrats are right to fear them. The Democrats are in disarray. The Democrats cannot bring themselves to praise Trump for an action, that if Obama had done, the sheeplike Dems would be declaring a national holiday in Obama’s honor. When Obama approved the killing of bin Laden, he did not consult with Congress. Obama was also praised by GOP, (though the GOP also could not stand Obama)  and Obama’s people for taking out bin Laden. Obama launched 2500 airstrikes without Congressional approval in Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS.  Did the Democrats complain then? Nada. Crickets. But the hypocritical Democrats are now complaining that Trump did not consult with Congress in advance of taking out this terrorist leader.

You have Ilhan Omar and AOC praising Soleimani and bemoaning his death, notwithstanding Soleimani, was responsible for over 600 deaths of American soldiers in Iraq. You have the crazy lefty NY Times extolling the virtues of this murderous terrorist as a former poet. You have the Washington Post referring to this terrorist monster as a respected military leader. You have the CNN whitewashing Soleimani and talking about his humble roots as a former construction worker. CNN, are you fracking nuts? You have lefty Hollywood stars (Rose McGowan or something from Charmed) asking Iran for forgiveness for Trump killing this murderous thug.

You have Bernie Sanders criticizing Trump for killing this thug. You have Biden incoherently flip flopping all over this. Biden was against killing bin Laden before he was in favor of it. You have Democratic candidates calling this justified killing of Soleimani, an assassination as if this was a war crime.

Soleimani, was behind Benghazi, where many Americans were tortured and killed. Soleimani, was behind the recent raid on the US Embassy in Iraq.

Trump’s ordering the killing of this evil terrorist was measured, directed and brilliantly executed. The Americans also killed a Hezbollah Iraqi military leader. The Democrats should applaud Trump, or better still keep their stupid mouths closed.

But the more they support this Iranian killer, the worse they look in America’s eyes. These Democrats want Iran to kill American soldiers so as to criticize Trump. How insane and sick is that? The immediate consequence of this killing is to expose the utter stupidity and shallowness of the Democrat presidential candidates. They have no foreign policies in the Middle East except to suck up to Iran, appease these Iranian terrorists, giving them billions of dollars and hope the Iranians don’t kill Americans in the Middle east or our allies. What a weak, characterless, lacking in backbone, fearful of the Iranians, party the Democrats have become!!

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