Photos: Top 10 atrocities from the now-vaunted Soleimani

Brutal attacks on democracy at home: Soleimani wasn’t just a foreign-ops guy, he was also the chief thug back home in Iran, urging vicious crushing of student protests, according to the Guardian, presumably beginning in at least 2009 and certainly carrying on in earnest since 2017. The mailed fist of power was the only thing that animated him. The Guardian writes: Soon after taking control of the Quds force, he was part of a group of Revolutionary Guard commanders who in a letter warned reformist President Mohammad Khatami to put down student protests, or risk them stepping in. Police moved in to crush protests, as they would a decade later. “He was more important than the president, spoke to all factions in Iran, had a direct line to the supreme leader and was in charge of Iran’s regional policy,” said Dina Esfandiary, a fellow at the Century Foundation think tank. “It doesn’t get more important and influential than that.”

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