Impeachment drives GOP small-donor donations on new platform




WASHINGTON — The impeachment of President Donald Trump prompted a surge of donations to Republican Party groups through its new joint fundraising platform.

WinRed, the GOP’s long-awaited answer to Democratic powerhouse ActBlue, brought in $101 million in the second half of last year, most of it since the Oct. 31 party line vote by the House paving the way for its impeachment of Trump. Nearly $35 million was raised in December alone, as impeachment-related fundraising asks generated 300% more in donations to campaigns, the group said.

The Trump-backed fundraising tool was launched in June to maximize the Republican Party’s small-dollar giving and now unites the Republican National Committee, every state Republican Party and most House and Senate campaigns on the same platform. It proved to be a potent tool as the Republican president and his allies sought to capitalize on the anger of his supporters amid the impeachment inquiry.

Fundraising appeals with the terms “impeach” or “impeachment” raised 300% more than those without those terms, according to WinRed, and small-dollar daily giving through the platform jumped an average of 176% after the Oct. 31 vote.

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