U.S. troops have no plans to leave Iraq, Pompeo says

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dismissed the Iraqi Parliament’s vote Sunday that called for U.S. troops to leave their country.

“We are confident that the Iraqi people want the United States to continue to be there to fight the counterterror campaign. And we’ll continue to do all the things we need to do to keep America safe,” Pompeo said on “Fox News Sunday.

Pompeo said he did not consider the parliament’s vote to be a final, formal decision by the Iraqi government.

“We’ll have to take a look at what we do when the Iraqi leadership and government makes a decision,” he said. “But the American people should know we’ll make the right decision.”

Article URL : https://www.armytimes.com/flashpoints/2020/01/05/us-troops-have-no-plans-to-leave-iraq-pompeo-says/

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