Yale shrink is back: Wants Nancy Pelosi to put ’72-hour hold’ on Trump after Iran strike

Yale University psychiatrist Bandy Lee is at it again, this time urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to put a 72-hour “mental health hold” on President Trump due to his ordered drone strike against an Iranian terrorist.

Bandy Lee, who made news two years ago for suggesting very much the same thing (and again last summer with a group of fellow shrinks), says Speaker Pelosi “has the right to have [Trump] submit to an involuntary evaluation.”

Lee told Salon.com that Trump’s strike against Qassem Soleimani was “further evidence” that Pelosi needs to take action “as [Trump’s] co-worker.”

“I am beginning to believe that a mental health hold, which we have tried to avoid, will become inevitable,” Lee said. “This is exactly the kind of dangerous event we foresaw as Donald Trump’s response to the impeachment proceedings, just as his pulling troops from northern Syria was a direct response to the announcement of an impeachment inquiry.”

According to Lee, such moves are “exactly what someone who lacks mental capacity would do.”

From the story:

[Trump] is extremely drawn to actions that would help him appear as if he has mental capacity, such as a ‘presidential strike’ against an enemy, while avoiding the proper procedures, such as briefing with Congress, that might expose his lack of capacity,” [Lee] said. “What we do not expect from someone who lacks mental capacity is rational, reality-based decision making that is non-impulsive, non-reckless, and cognizant of consequences.”

Lee also noted that Trump had repeatedly accused former President Barack Obama of planning to attack Iran in order to help his re-election.

“Since he is incapable of putting himself in another person’s shoes, he projects his own thoughts entirely onto others,” she said. “Hence, we can deduce that what he has said about Mr. Obama has nothing to do with the former president but has only to do with the way he himself thinks.”

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