Rights centre says trans activist Jessica Yaniv has filed new suit against B.C. salon over waxing refusal

In a media release, the Centre for Constitutional Freedoms says it has been retained to defend another beauty salon that has had a complaint launched against it by Jessica Yaniv, the transgender activist who previously sued B.C. salons because they refused to wax her.

Yaniv, a transgender woman, previously took action against a number of B.C. salons that refused to wax her scrotum during bikini waxes that she had requested, but in a ruling earlier this year on three such complaints, the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal dismissed her argument. The tribunal, in October, said she launched the complaints for financial gain, and that she was determined to seek revenge against South Asian people, whom she perceived as being anti-transgender.

She “targeted small businesses, manufactured the conditions for a human rights complaint, and then leveraged that complaint to pursue a financial settlement from parties who were unsophisticated and unlikely to mount a proper defence,” the ruling read.


Article URL: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/rights-centre-says-trans-activist-jessica-yaniv-has-filed-new-suit-against-b-c-salon-over-waxing-refusal

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