The Case for declaring the Main Stream Media as Domestic Terrorists. Over the top?

The United States Media complex functions as a domestic terrorist threat against the American people. Too over-the-top rhetoric? Let us examine further.

The media rehabbed Jamal Khashoggi’s bio following his horrible death pushing only the journalist angle and omitting his deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Intel, and Qatar. When U.S.Special Forces killed Islamic State leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the media labeled him as an Austere theological scholar and “Revered Military Leader.”

Now, this – Multiple media outlets chose to eulogize the death of the designated terrorist Qasem Soleimani who was responsible for death and mayhem over a decade, including American loss of life and actively plotting further attacks on Americans and ally interests this way. Choosing words like; icon, poet, dapper beard hero, brave, charismatic, beloved,warrior-philosopher, and revered.

American media consumers have had their chain choked and inundated with the indoctrination of falsehoods. Here is just a short but steady drumbeat of Media attacks on Trump:

  • Trump is a Russian Spy/Traitor.
  • Trump and Campaign colluded with Russia to interfere with U.S. Elections.
  • Trump will get us into a nuclear war with North Korea
  • Trump will get us into war with Russia
  • The Mueller report will prove Trump is a Russian spy and colluded with Russia
  • The Steel Dossier was verified.
  • Media lied that Trump said Nazis and White Supremacists are fine people
  • Trump will get ten of thousands slaughtered if we drawdown in Syria.
  • Trump banned all Muslims
  • Trump called all Mexicans rapists.
  • Trump said all immigrants are animals
  • Each IG report to date exonerated the FBI and the Justice Department of any Trump investigation wrongdoings.
  • Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers were credible and must be believed.
  • Covington Catholic High School episode.
  • Tax cuts did not help the middle class nor the lower social-economic class and were a give away only to the wealthy.
  • Trump’s policies will cause a recession.
  • Trump asked Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden to interfere in the 2020 election.

This list could go on for pages.

After eight years of media propaganda on Obamacare, the media refuses to cover the Trump policy changes on healthcare or outcomes accurately and continues to mislead the public on the issue intentionally. This pattern plays out across issues of gun control, race, abortion, taxes, etc. Yes, the media has become the enemy of the people, and just like an act of domestic terrorism, it can permanently alter our liberty, our vote, and future generations’ freedoms.

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