CNN’s Don Lemon encourages ‘shaming’ of Republicans, calls them ‘party of hypocrisy’

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CNN anchor Don Lemon trashed Republican lawmakers as the “party of hypocrisy” and encouraged one of his colleagues to “shame” them.

During their nightly handoff on Wednesday night, Lemon chided fellow anchor Chris Cuomo for expressing optimism that Republicans will join Democrats in voting for a War Powers Resolution in response to President Trump’s actions on Iran.

“I’m tying my necktie just before and I’m listening to you and I say, ‘You know, I agree with everything he says, but this whole Kumbaya, like Congress is going to do this’ — Chris, you know they’re never going to do this,” Lemon told Cuomo. “I love you, but they’re never going to do it. It’s not gonna happen.”

Lemon, who CNN bills as a straight news anchor, continued, “We live in a time where Republicans pretty much right now the party of hypocrisy. It’s not the old Republican Party, the party of principles, the party of values, the party of Max Boot … where character counts. It’s a party of hypocrisy.”


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