The Subaru F.U.C.K.S. Is A Sweet Little Sport Wagon

Whoever cooked up Subaru’s “Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition” for the 2020 Singapore Auto Show was clearly daring all of us to refer to it as the Subaru FUCKS, and I’m not one to back down from peer pressure, so here we are. Aside from the trolly name, the car’s actually pretty clean.

The current Forester, a fairly handsome vehicle out of the box, looks fresh in blue with red accenting here and I’m a fan of the STI interior as well. Enkei wheels look good on almost all Japanese cars. From this video, it’s clear that the FUCKS is officially affiliated in with Subaru, as it’s parked in the company’s show booth.

Acid green brake calipers look cool with grey cars, I’m not totally sure it works here, but it is consistent with what we’ve seen on other high-po Subies.

I dropped a line to a contact at Subaru’s marketing department to see if we can find out how the FUCKS got greenlit and will update this post when I hear back. The Singapore Motor Show doesn’t appear to be big enough to be on Subaru’s official auto show site.

Meanwhile, Top Gear Philippines has some more FUCKS pictures but no details on what’s under the hood. An STI engine swap would, of course, be neat but I’m just happy with the blue lighting if I’m honest.

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