Man Calls Cops on Girlfriend For Being Too Rough During Sex

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Just look at this mugshot. I love it. Does this really look like a person who could do damage? No, it doesn’t. But apparently, this evil evil woman did. So much so, that she was arrested. 24-year-old Kristan Parris was booked into the Davidson County jail after her boyfriend, Taylor Hayes, called police when she got too rough with him during sex. The shame, the horror, the embarrassment.

Can you imagine having to call your Mom from jail saying you were arrested for having a wild night of passionate sex? Yikes, my mother would be so ashamed. According to authorities, Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to Hayes apartment on January 1st for a domestic assault call. Ringing in the new year the right way.

Hayes told police that his girlfriend began to bite and scratch him during sex and that it was way beyond the “scope of their normal intimacy.” Yup, this man was not having it one bit and instead of asking her to stop, he called the police. As we all should, right? Still, Hayes showed police two bite marks, one on his arm and one on his back along with several scratch marks to his back.


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