The “Trump Effect” On Our Economy

There’s something a lot of people on the Left will often fail to admit…

The economy that’s humming right now—with booming business and money in our pockets—is all Trump’s doing. This fact drives them absolutely bonkers.

Their rote response: “He’s just coasting of Obama’s coattails! This economy is because of the policies Obama put in the place!”

Ummm…no. Not it’s not.

And even if Trump hadn’t instituted a policy where regulators needed to drop TWO regulations for every one they instituted, enacted one of the biggest tax cuts in decades, and made deals to bring American manufacturers back to our country…

Our economy would STILL be humming.


Because Wall Street and business owners were excited to get rid of the run-of-the-mill politicians and have an ACTUAL businessman in the White House.

Some financial experts even came up with a term for this optimistic feeling…

The Trump Effect

We saw this “Trump Effect” optimism manifest IMMEDIATELY after he was elected – when we got the “Trump Bump” in the markets.

For months, financial experts said there was going to be a correction coming…

It never came.

The markets are all hitting NEW all-time highs so often that it’s hard to keep track of the numbers.

Now sure, there have been some hiccups along the way – but volatility happens regardless of who’s president, and it’s something you’ll never be able to stop.

But this is Trump’s economy – and the fact that it’s been running on all cylinders isn’t even the BEST part!

The BEST Part Of The “Trump Effect” On The Economy

No, the best part is that what he’s doing will keep it moving now AND for the foreseeable future.

Financial experts, some of whom have denounced Trump’s policies, are starting to come around to the fact that what he’s doing is not only keeping America prosperous now…

But should keep us prosperous for YEARS to come.

People are talking about the bull market lasting another 10-20 years because of Trump’s policies…

And this is a GOOD thing.

The Left, however…Doesn’t want you to believe this.

They want you to believe that the American Dream is not only dead – but has no shot at a resurrection because of our president’s actions.


What is it that they hate so much about Trump that they’re willing to overlook the proof and facts that are staring them right in the face?

Did you ever think you’d live in a time when people would put their personal politics over facts, over truth and, in the case of the killing of known terrorist Qasem Soleimani, over their own country?

It’s beyond comprehension…

And the fact that they keep denying that Trump has had anything to do with the economy is laughable. However…

That’s to their own detriment.

The fact is, if they’re going to let politics keep them from investing and getting the chance to make more money in the markets than they have in DECADES – then that’s on them.

We’re in one of the hottest economic atmospheres we’ve EVER experienced…

If they choose NOT to take advantage of this because of their misplaced hate for our president and their full-blown cases of TDS – then they deserve to miss out on the TRILLIONS of dollars in wealth that have been pumping through our economy.

Their hate can keep them poor…

That’s their prerogative.

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