There’s a glaring loophole in Trump’s latest claim that Soleimani was plotting to attack US embassies when he was assassinated

  • President Donald Trump has claimed in the last two days that Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, whom the US assassinated in a drone strike last week, was plotting to attack one or more US embassies when he was killed.
  • Soleimani’s plans, the president said, necessitated the strike against him and constituted an “imminent threat.”
  • But there’s a glaring loophole in that claim.
  • Specifically, if Soleimani was planning to attack one or more US embassies and it was evidence of an “imminent threat,” why wasn’t Congress informed about it when administration officials briefed them on the strike this week?
  • Several Democratic lawmakers raised that point on Twitter and in television interviews on Friday, saying that Trump administration officials shared no information or intelligence with them during the briefing that indicated Soleimani was planning the embassy attacks as Trump claims.

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