Your Carbon Footprint

Environmental issues are a major concern, regarding the future survival of Earth’s inhabitants. Global warming is accepted, not just by some 97%+ of scientists, but by most every reasonable thinking person out there. It’s the major cause that, for some, seems to be in question (man made vs. natural).

Regardless of the cause, and by extension, where to place the blame, we can do some things to lessen our personal contribution to the larger problem. It doesn’t have to be something major (though major is good); just making some kind of effort can be a help (e.g., waste less, recycle more, eat less meat, use energy-efficient light bulbs, turn lights off when leaving the room, etc. and etc.). Simply being more self-aware, mindful, is the first logical step in changing our personal carbon-intense habits.

  1. Have you done (or are you considering doing/committed to doing) anything to lessen your personal carbon footprint? Go ahead… brag on yourself!! 🙂
  2. If only for the personal integrity of it, do you think your efforts matter?

Thank you!

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