Illinois: Muslim Slashes Tires Of 19 Cars At Churches Because He Doesn’t Like Christians

Ah, yes, the religion of peace, just another “Abrahamic faith” like Christianity, right?  Wrong.  While many Muslims certainly don’t really know a thing about the Islam they have been passed down with, many do and are motivated by the same hatred for Christians that their Leader held, and the demons behind him.  In the latest evidence of this, a Muslim in Illinois has been arrested and charged after slashing tires on nearly two dozen cars at churches and declaring that he did it because he didn’t like Christians.

WBBM reports:

PALOS HILLS (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Charges have been upgraded against a man who allegedly slashed tires of multiple vehicles at churches in Palos Hills last year because he didn’t like Christians.

Osama E. El Hannouny, 25, was initially arrested Nov. 17, 2019, and charged with 14 counts of criminal damage to property, according to Palos Hills police.

The charges against him were upgraded Thursday to 14 counts of hate crime, police said. He allegedly admitted to slashing tires of 19 vehicles at two churches because he didn’t like Christians.

He was released on a personal recognize bond and electronic monitoring Thursday, police said….

Again, all crime is “hate.”

Additionally, The Patch reported that his bond was $10,000.

It makes you wonder if he’ll be using a similar knife to stab Christians while out on bond, doesn’t it?

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