Noted Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar Explains Why She Supports Sanctioning Israel but Not Iran

Anti-Semites gonna anti-Semite.

Omar has never met an Islamic or socialist dictator she doesn’t want to fluff and give a pass to (unless they are Sunni Saudi Arabia for obvious reasons). She notably decried sanctions on Venezuela and tried to blame their economic collapse on them. The only problem was that said sanctions had not even got into effect yet when the socialist paradise descended into a hellscape.

But there’s one country Omar absolutely wants to sanction into the ground and it just happens to be the only Jewish state in the world. Weird how her ire continually manages to find it’s way to the Jews, right?

The mainstream media were obviously never going to ask her about this discrepancy, but a reporter for Townhall managed to pin her down. Omar’s answer is a word salad of stupid and bigotry.

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