GOP challenger says AOC failing New York by pandering for the spotlight

Murray said she is challenging Ocasio-Cortez’s seat because of how much her actions negatively impact the voters of her district.

“We are in this fight to combat what we see as a far-left socialist narrative that’s detrimental to America. Democrats are up in arms with her,” Murray told Boothe.

“I plan on being in the district and I have a record of accomplishments, unlike my opponent who, from the time since she [was] elected, has been her bid for the limelight and has left the constituents of the 14th District abandoned,” she stated.

Murray believes that Queens and the Bronx deserve more.

“We don’t need someone in Washington that’s going to continue to divide the fight. We need someone that is going to unite the fight,” she asserted.

“We need a leader in Washington that can work across the aisle and that’s what I plan to do if duly elected to Queens and the Bronx to represent NY-14,” said Murray.

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