Honda reinvents the steering wheel for the ‘swipe right’ generation with a futuristic concept car that allows drivers to change lanes by waving their hand

  • Honda’s augmented driving concept debuted at CES that wants to blend manual and self-driving
  • The system watches a drivers’ eyes for distraction and if gaze is averted the car’s autonomous system kicks in 
  • The steering wheel can be swiped  to navigate and it doubles as an accelerator and a brake  

While many automakers are in a rush to nix traditional driving in favor of fully autonomous vehicles, Honda is holding on tight to the steering wheel in a new ‘augmented’ experience that blends the best of both worlds. 

When the car is in its autonomous state a passenger can swipe their hand left or right over the top of the steering wheel to make it change lanes, which will no doubt appeal to today’s swipe-obsessed generation.

Its steering wheel can also fire up the car with a double-tap on the top. The controls can also be moved from one side of the vehicle to another, meaning a person sitting anywhere in the car – left, middle, or right – could drive. 

Although the car can be driven n the traditional way, the computer system will also be on constant standby, watching drivers’ eyes for signs of distraction. Honda says if a driver’s gaze is averted then the autonomous system will intervene and take control. 

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