The UK is abandoning its alliance with Trump as the United States ‘withdraws from its leadership around the world’

Donald Trump’s decision to assassinate Qassem Soleimani has triggered a major rupture between the United States and its historically closest ally in the United Kingdom.

In remarkably outspoken comments, UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said on Sunday that Trump’s isolationist foreign policy stance meant the UK was now looking for alternative allies around the world.

“I worry if the United States withdraws from its leadership around the world,” he told the Sunday Times.

He added: “The assumptions of 2010 that we were always going to be part of a US coalition is really just not where we are going to be.”

The comments came after Boris Johnson’s government distanced itself from the attack last week, with the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab labelling it a “dangerous escalation,” which risked a conflict in which “terrorists would be the only winners.”

A spokesman for the Prime Minister was also quick to condemn Trump’s threats to target Iranian cultural sites as a breach of international law and a potential war crime.

With the Iran crisis ongoing, the UK is now openly threatening to tear up its longstanding defence partnership with the United States.

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