Michael Bloomberg: Starting with Iowa and New Hampshire hurts Democrats and helps Trump

Opinion by Michael Bloomberg

Updated 6:00 AM ET, Mon January 13, 2020

(CNN) The foundation of our democracy, the right to vote, is under attack across America by Republican leaders who are trying to make it harder to register and cast a ballot.

Last week I was in Georgia with Stacey Abrams, who narrowly lost her Georgia gubernatorial campaign after her opponent, then the state’s secretary of state, engaged in voter suppression tactics including purging voters from the rolls. I’ve been glad to support the nonprofit group she started, Fair Fight, to ensure that everyone with the right to vote can easily vote.

But as we Democrats work to protect democracy from Republicans who seek to exclude voters, we must also look inward, because our own party’s system of nominating a presidential candidate is both undemocratic and harms our ability to prepare for — and win — the general election.


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