Geriatric Thunderdome

Are you ready for Thunderdome?!

Because the Marxist are throwing down.

Though, since both of these guys are septuagenarians, I guess it’s going to be more of a Geriatric Thunderdome. And how did it all begin?

Well, Team Warren leaked a story that back in a December 2018 private meeting, Bernie Sanders dismissed Liz for being visibly female.

The story (from CNN of course since they are outlet most willing to publish unverified stories) cites unnamed sources who are “familiar with the meeting” who claim that Bernie told Liz that he did not believe a woman could win the White House.

Why do I say Team Warren leaked the story? Come on. We all know they did.

Liz is cratering in the polls while Bernie is surging.

And given how quickly Warren will play the Victim card, it’s just the kind of underhanded, slimy thing Team Warren would do to paint Bernie as a misogynist and Liz the hapless victim of the patriarchy.

But Team Bernie isn’t going to just stand there and let Liz take these kinds of swings at their guy.

Besides, this is Thunderdome.  Two Socialists might enter, but only one Socialist will leave.

Immediately Bernie’s team flat-out accused Warren of lying.

Which is an ideal counterstrike because Liz’s track record for telling tall tales is well known.

Unfortunately for Liz, Bernie’s counterpunch left her reeling.

She released a statement that can be summed up thus: “I said a woman could win; he disagreed.  But since my attempt to make Bernie look like a misogynist blew up in my face, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

Now #RefundWarren is trending on Twitter as people demand refunds of the monies they donated to her campaign.

In truth, I doubt most of the people demanding refunds actually donated to her.  More likely, angry Bernie Bros are just kicking up a fuss.

You can’t win in Geriatric Thunderdome if your only weapon is lies.

And lying is the only arrow in Chief RunningMouth’s quiver.

Unfortunately for Warren, Bernie’s fellow traveler Tulsi Gabbard is throwing salt in the wounds…..

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