Cardi B Has A Solution For Your Guns


Rapper Cardi B, who recently expressed her interest in running for Congress, proposed a solution to the heated gun debate: treat guns like alcohol.

Guns “can also get prohibited like the time alcohol was,” said the rapper, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar.

“But guess what,” she continued. “It was allow[ed] again with regulations and strict rules and now people drink responsibly.”

The entertainer made the remarks after a Twitter user pointed out to her that bearing arms is a protected constitutional right, as is free speech under the First Amendment.

Cardi B was apparently confused about the Second Amendment, hence her suggestion to treat it like alcohol. Additionally, it’s unclear why the rapper believes prohibition, and then its overturning, has made people “drink responsibly.”

“Listen, I do believe we have the right to bare arms,” the new mother posted via Twitter on Tuesday. “However I do believe in order to get a gun we should get mental check ups, proper training and [an] older age limit to own one. If the proper age limit to drinking is 21 because these kids can’t handle their liquor how can they possibly get the responsibility to own a gun? … that fair?”


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