Man Asks Judge to Approve ‘Trial by Combat’ With His Ex-Wife

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The Des Moines Register reported that a Kansas man has requested an unusual method of mediation in a divorce dispute—he wants to be allowed to challenge his wife to a trial by combat.

David Ostrom claims that his ex-wife Paula Ostrom and her divorce attorney have “destroyed (him) legally.” As a result, he wishes to confront the duo “on the field of battle where (he) will rend their souls from their corporal bodies.”

He does not necessarily wish to battle Paula directly, though. In his petition, he grants her the ability to choose attorney Matthew Hudson to fight in her stead.

Ostrom does not actually own the weapons that he wishes to duel with, so he has requested the Iowa District Court in Shelby County to give him 12 weeks of lead time to “find or forge” the Japanese-style wakizashi or katana swords he and his wife or her attorney will be armed with.

According to the Register, disputes over property tax and visitation are at the center of the couple’s conflict.


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