Rep. Brian Mast forces Democrats to sit in silence until they NAME a dead service member who didn’t justify killing Soleimani

Rep. Brian Mast used his time today to “call out” Democrats in the House Foreign Affairs Committee for their criticism of Trump over killing Soleimani:

The video stars with Mast making the point that outside the Capitol there are the names of the service members who died in the war on terror. He then asks Democrats to name one service member who doesn’t justify the killing of Soleimani and says he’ll sit in silence until they do.

At first Chairman Engel tried to get him to proceed, but Mast wouldn’t do it. He wanted to make his point. Then Engel tried to move on to the next House member, but Mast fought him and said he was not yielding back his time.

Eventually Engel had to concede and they all sat in silence while nary a Democrat in the room said a peep. It was awesome.

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