Why William and Kate Are a Fairy Tale but Harry and Meghan are ‘Couple Goals.’

“The public has long been aware of the Duchess of Sussex’s ongoing battles with the British press; as a result, many people have put two and two together and have commended Prince Harry for “doing the right thing” as a husband and father. Some have expressed admiration on social media for the degree to which Prince Harry apparently prioritizes his wife’s happiness. The approving responses demonstrate what contemporary society values in marriage—an egalitarian understanding of relationship-maintenance responsibilities, and a sense that partners should help each other grow. “

There is a level of backlash I was not expecting to Meghan Markle; she has a career, she’s a dedicated mother, she is independent and theirs seems to be a marriage between equals. Why, then, is it bad that she feels comfortable making decisions with her husband, instead of him making them for the both of them? Given the degree to which people are unimpressed with the monarchy, why should Prince Harry and Meghan not try to be financially independent? I’m sure the tax payers won’t mind.

I think we have come to a point in which it simply cannot be maintained that women married to politicians (because that’s what a prince is) should ‘know their place’ and have no interests outside of raising their children and supporting their husband. It’s time for the 1950’s to die. It was never the ideal to which we look back with rose colored glasses.

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