Married first cousins explain why they’re declaring their love in doc: ‘We’re really like everyone else’

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Angie and Michael are willing to risk it all in the name of love — even if means being disowned by some family members and spending time behind bars.

The husband and wife from Eagle Mountain, Utah, are first cousins. Angie’s father happens to be the older brother of Michael’s mother. The couple, both 38, are the subjects of a new reality show on WETV titled “Extreme Love,” which explores how traditional ideas of love are reimagined across the country.

But the pair, who are expecting their first child together due in May, insist there isn’t anything “extreme” about their relationship.

“We’re really like everyone else,” Michael told Fox News. “We’re not parading it around. I think people get the idea that we are running down the street, like you know, making out, screaming, ‘We’re cousins!’ We do the same thing that everyone else does. We put our pants on one leg at a time like everyone else. We’re really just a normal couple and… worldwide it’s quite common. I think it’s just in our culture that it’s taboo.”


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