Tyranny at the Door in Virginia

The good news is that Virginians are not taking the Democrats’ efforts lying down. Across the state, the grassroots have come alive. To date, 124 counties, cities, and localities have declared themselves sanctuaries for the Second Amendment (consider there are 95 counties and 41 independent cities total in the entire state). These jurisdictions have made it clear they will refuse to enforce any anti-Second Amendment legislation coming from Richmond…

The problem that Northam, Herring, and the rest of the statists in the Democratic Party have is that they’re in defiance of natural law and the purpose of republican government. The chief purpose of government in a republic is to protect the property and rights of citizens who have come together in voluntary association. As James Madison taught us, there are rights in property and property in rights—meaning that property is not just physical things, but also anything that is unique to an individual, from ideas and thoughts to the rights inherent in every man and woman.

As every created human being has God-given rights, he or she also has a God-given right to protect those rights. That is why the defense of individual property and other unique rights is also a right that government cannot take away.

This is why America’s Founders wanted people to be armed: not just for the purpose of constituting a “well-regulated militia,” not just guns for hunting, but a well-armed people as a last recourse against tyranny, both foreign and domestic. Yes, domestic. (And for those who wonder if I fully trust my government, of course I don’t. Don’t be ridiculous. Government is a necessary evil because men are not angels. But trust? Not a chance.) So as self-defense is a natural right, gun rights for self-defense are also a natural right.

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