Betsy DeVos: Religious liberty in our schools must be protected

These incidents indicate that too many champion the part of the First Amendment that bars an “establishment of religion” but choose to ignore the clear admonition against “prohibiting the free exercise” of religion. In fact, the First Amendment doesn’t exist to protect us from religion. It exists to protect religion from government.

This president and this administration are committed to ensuring that all people of faith are free to exercise it. And we know that “exercise” means more than simply “worship.” Much more.

Thanks to President Donald Trump’s leadership, we are adhering to the Constitution, which protects the people’s right to pray in their houses of worship, in their homes and everywhere else — including in public schools. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act was amended in 2002 to ensure that taxpayer-supported schools are following the law when it comes to constitutionally protected prayer in public schools. Under the law, the Department of Education is to issue guidance every two years for states and local communities concerning every student’s and every teacher’s right to pray in public schools.

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