Technology & the Second Amendment

Once again we are witnessing two protesting sides of a political issue clashing. This time in Virginia.

Now there have been plenty of discussions about the Second Amendment on this site over the years. But one point that I have not seen raised very often is how technology affects this discussion. I myself do not believe in the efficacy of the second amendment. I do not believe that it serves its purpose in a modern society. I do not want to get into the reasons for this as that is not the point of my discussion. The point of my discussion is that even IF I am correct, I believe that the advance of technology and the coming-soon ability to 3D-carbon-print cheaply in your own basement makes the whole issue of gun ownership a moot point. The genie is out of the bottle. Control over distribution and ownership is dead, just as privacy is dead (note: apologies to those who did not realize that THAT particular game was already over). I still believe that the fight is worth having, however. The fight needs to shift though to laws on carrying, usage, etc.

What do you think?

In the face of the might of the US military is the Second Amendment moot?

and as I suggested…

In the face of advancing printing technologies is opposition to the Second Amendment moot?

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