15 Annoying Things That Need to Stop Happening During Mass

1) Clapping During Mass
2) Too many extraordinary ministers of the Holy Eucharist
3) Receiving from the cup when you are sick
4) Wandering around during sign of peace, peace sign during sign of peace
5) Excessive socializing before Mass
6) Not fasting before Mass
7) Keeping your phone ringer on when you go to Mass
8) Not donating
9) Leaving early from Mass
10) Bad preaching during homilies
11) Receiving Communion in the state of mortal sin
12) Dressing improperly
13) Not ringing the bells during the consecration
14) Genuflecting towards the altar when the tabernacle is located elsewhere
15) Holding hands during the Our Father

What are some things that people do in Church that annoy you?

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