Would you spare the world?

Sin to the Israelites was the end of humanity, particularly idolatry or spreading some transhuman genetic disease it seems to describe like with nephilim. The Jews are tiny in population and always have been. But it’s through them the world would be saved…birth the Christ. John 3:16

So…what would you do if a family or small population contracted a new form of plague, Black Plague? Say it was on the space station headed to Mars or whatever? And this disease became more and more contagious as it cultivated in the body. Because that’s what this is. It’s what God knows sin to be and how badly it effects people. 

Would you put these down?

Now what if they deliberately and purposefully contracted the illness…despite considerable warnings and even pleas to not do it, even though you knew their children were nothing to blame.

The truth is…everyone is subject to someone and something. The something is the reality we know…natural laws etc. Well, those have consequences…some are quite bad. You get bent out of shape and offended, but Hell is just that separation of Holy and unholy. One destroys the other. It’s been ordered or judged to be that way. And has it’s completed end on the way.

So…choose the someOne that makes you totally free…covenant with God listed in Deuteronomy 28-29 for all and John 8:36

What exactly makes a Hebrew in the Old Testament special? Isn’t it just covenant?

David battled the uncircumcised Philistine…or uncovenanted one, with a load of BAD consequences circumventing. Deut 28

It’s this partnership with God (servant of God Almighty) that God defends and blesses. 

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