Elephants and Noah

You can guess by the title where this one is going. Having enough food for the four elephants on board the Ark would’ve been hard enough, but there’s something I hadn’t factored in before: fresh water. All the animals on board would’ve needed fresh water to survive. From the various sources I’ve read, elephants drink, at minimum, 25 gallons per day, but many state that they drink much more than that.

For the moment, lets assume that the African elephants on board the Ark drank around 40 gallons of water per day and the Asian elephants around 30 gallons. After doing the math, the former would need 3,200 gallons during the 40 days and the latter 2,400 gallons.

I’ve got two questions.

Where did Noah get all the fresh water not only for the elephants, but for all the other animals on the Ark? Secondly, where did he find the space to store all that fresh water?

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