President Trump blames Mexican beer makers for coronavirus outbreak

President Trump has today placed the blame on the coronavirus outbreak squarely at the feet of Mexican beer makers and renewed his call to build a border wall.

With the deadly coronavirus hitting the US, President Trump is absolutely furious at his southern neighbours.

‘You don’t need to be as bigly smart as I am to figure out who’s behind this coronavirus. It’s clearly the Mexican beer makers and their hygiene laws. Their hygiene laws are so lax, unlike ours,’
he said to the nation, while eating a bucket of chlorine-washed chicken.

‘I’m calling for a complete boycott on all Mexican products until this coronavirus is sorted out. We won’t pay for this, the Mexicans will. Just like the wall. Has that been built yet? I presume so. If not, we need to build it now!’

Corona, the popular Mexican beer maker, has denied any link to the coronavirus, however, even medical researchers aren’t so sure.

‘The coronavirus and Corona beer are actually quite similar in nature. A twist of lime makes them both considerably better,’ said Dr L Phee.

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