Six Chinese Cities Now Quarantined as Videos of Collapsing People Circulate

China’s battle with the deadly Wuhan virus is getting serious, with six cities now on lockdown in a bid to halt the viral disease. While the communist government tries to maintain control, reports of people simply collapsing from the disease are now circulating online.

Along with a previous quarantine of Wuhan, the assumed origin of the novel coronavirus, five more cities in Hubei province have shuttered transportation hubs and other services, according to the BBC.

The virus has already claimed multiple lives and grabbed footholds on multiple continents and is now behind what is likely the largest quarantine in human history.

While the Chinese government has admitted to only hundreds of cases, some professional models and estimates put that number in the thousands.

One report claimed that the official numbers are low because hospitals in the outbreak region have simply run out of test kits, an inadequacy the government is unlikely to acknowledge. This growing distrust of the communist regime is bolstered by new video, reportedly of infected people collapsing in Wuhan.

One video shows the aftermath of a man collapsing. Medical workers in heavy protective gear rush to put the seemingly infected man on a stretcher.

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