Trump Attorneys Expose Omissions in Impeachment Managers’ Case

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Over the course of more than twenty hours starting on Jan. 22, the House managers presented arguments and evidence for removing the president. They accused Trump of abusing his power to interfere in an election and of obstructing justice when his alleged scheme was discovered. They allege the president withheld aid to Ukraine and the potential of a White House meeting in order to force the Ukrainian president to open investigations into Trump’s political rivals, including former Vice President Joe Biden.

On Saturday, Trump attorney Pat Cipollone told the Senate that any one of six pieces of evidence could alone exonerate the president.

First, Cipollone argued, the transcript of the July 25 call between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Trump showed no link between the hold on the security assistance and the opening of any investigation; second, the Ukrainians, including Zelensky, have said there was no pressure from Trump and no suggestion of a quid pro quo; third, the Ukrainians were unaware of the hold on aid until a month after the Trump-Zelensky call.

Fourth, Cipollone said that despite a parade of witnesses, not a single person had offered first-hand evidence to suggest Trump ordered or intended the alleged scheme. Fifth, the aid ultimately flowed to Ukraine and Trump went on to meet with Zelensky; and sixth, Trump has been a stronger supporter of Ukraine that the previous administration.

“Each one of these six facts standing along is enough to sink the Democrats’ case. Combined, they establish what we’ve known since the beginning. The president did absolutely nothing wrong,” Cipollone said.

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