Senators must honor their oaths at Trump impeachment trial, just like I did for Clinton

Trump impeachment defense is dangerous. Abuses of power could crack America’s foundation.

I said to my fellow senators then what I say now: “I cannot will to my children and grandchildren the proposition that a president stands above the law … simply because both his polls and the Dow Jones index are high.” Further, I said, “The republic will not be weakened if we convict. The policies of the presidency will not change. The administration will not change.” The Founders knew what they were doing.

The Senate needs to consider all the relevant evidence, facts and witnesses to reach a just and acceptable outcome. The trial should be a model to countries everywhere for how America delivers justice, not a partisan food fight or a kangaroo court. To those who will soon be casting a verdict, history will forever remember: You swore an oath to deliver impartial justice in this matter.

Now, honor that oath.

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