16-Year-Old French Girl Insults Islam, Absurdity Ensues

One girl’s crime against politically correct fictions shows how ridiculous they really are. My latest in FrontPage:

The Times of London, staid as ever, reported it all with a straight face on Friday: “Police have told a French teenager to go into hiding after she received death threats for insulting Islam.” That’s right, a teenager in France, not in Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia, or Iran. Now insulting Islam forces you to flee for your life right in Emmanuel Macron’s paradise of multiculturalism.

And wait, it gets worse. We’re not told what she said, of course – that would be just too much for delicate modern ears to take – but note that the Times said she insulted “Islam,” not “Muslims.” This distinction is lost on many today, but assuming that the Times still has some residual concern for precision in reporting, we can justifiably assume that the girl criticized a set of ideas and beliefs, not a group of people.

This is a key distinction, for people cannot change certain immutable characteristics (race and, yes, gender), and thus it would be wrong to denigrate them on the basis of those characteristics. But ideas? They should be evaluated on their merits, and free criticism of them by those who do not hold them is a foundation of free inquiry and thus of a free society. Isn’t it?

Well, it has been up until recently. Ordinarily in the West, those who criticize ideas, particularly religious ideas, are celebrated as heroes, courageous “free thinkers,” unshackled by dogma and superstition. But of course that only applies to Christianity and Judaism. Criticizing Islam, well! That’s entirely a different matter, and no laughing matter, infidel!

For insulting Islam, this 16-year-old girl, whom the Times tells us is “named only as Mila,” has been forced into hiding: “The 16-year-old has been advised to stay away from her lycée (sixth-form college) in southeast France after calls on the internet for her to be killed, raped or attacked.”

Even that isn’t the final absurdity and outrage of this disgraceful episode: Mila “is understood to have been told by officials that she should avoid being seen in public until the controversy fades. She is being given psychological support by the local prosecutor’s office. Prosecutors said two separate criminal inquiries were under way, the first to track the authors of threats to kill and rape the teenager, the second to determine whether her comments amounted to the offence of hate speech.”

Let me get this straight. She has been told to stay away from school after calls for her to be raped and killed. She is being given psychological support. That support is being provided by “the local prosecutor’s office,” which at the same time is trying to decide whether or not to charge the girl they are protecting from rape and death threats with “hate speech.”

To be sure, prosecutors are also attempting “to track the authors of threats to kill and rape the teenager,” but that doesn’t get her off the hook. Insulting Islam is serious business in Karachi — that is, Paris — these days, and the fact that she might be raped and murdered for expressing a less than rosily favorable view of the Religion of Peace does not give her a license to flout the Sharia — that is, French law.

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