Man Led To Christ After Christian In Comments Section Declares Him Total Moron

U.S.—In a brief exchange on Twitter last week, user “Freethinker451” said in a public conversation that they thought religion was “poisoning people’s minds.” Not long after the comment was posted, user “BaptistBen590” replied to the comment with words that would change Freethinker451’s life.

“You’re a moron, that is all,” said the tweet from BaptistBen590. 

Later that day, Freethinker451 announced publicly that they had repented of their sin and found Christ, all thanks to the tough love shown to them by BaptistBen590. “I once was lost, but now I’m found. Thank you, Ben,” the post read.

BaptistBen590 is only one of a network of Christian troll outreach ministers from the growing organization “Trolls With a Mission.” 

“We spread the gospel by tearing people to shreds online,” said the TWM founder, Brad Gilkey. “And also by calling them total morons.”

BaptistBen590 says he will continue to follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting to call anyone a moron he feels led to totally own.

Well thank the Æsir for the Christian trolls on our channel. They are just offering up some their righteous “tough love” to get those who don’t believe as they do to “find Christ”. So that’s what they think they are doing. What a revelation! (Pun intended)

How do you feel about this? Are you properly grateful for their selfless service and personal self-sacrifice by denying themselves Jesus’ “love your neighbor” policy… just so that they can “help” non-believers to be slaves like them under their Lord’s “loving” rule?

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