Republicans Outraged Over Republican Mocking Republicans On CNN

Rick Wilson is a Republican. Not only is he a Republican, he is a Republican who pretty much invented the whole “Reverend Wright scandal.” You know, the thing where they did a commercial showing Reverend Jeremiah Wright saying a bunch of very obviously true things and then Obama had to apologize for having gone to his church in Chicago? That was him. He made that commercial. He later said he made that commercial with the end goal of “scaring the living shit” out of white people in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

I am a big “know your enemy” person. And one thing I know about the Right is that their most potent propaganda is this “this is what they think of you” shit. They’re like Carrie’s mom out there, constantly screaming “They’re all gonna laugh at you!” and it works because it preys on the deepest fears and insecurities of the people they’re trying to appeal to.

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