Roy Moore sues conservative outlet for $40 million alleging ‘fake news’

Scandal-ridden Senate candidate Roy Moore is suing a conservative media outlet for $40 million alleging “fake news,” as he runs his second campaign in three years for the same Alabama seat.

The Alabama Republican lost to Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., in a 2017 special election, after facing multiple accusations during the campaign that he had pursued romantic relationships with teenage girls while he was in his 30s. Moore filed the suit against Washington Examiner on Monday.

“Like the people of Alabama, I am sick and tired of ‘fake news’ by media organizations which pretend to print the truth but in reality, are politically and philosophically motivated to distort the true facts for their own ends,” he said in a statement. “Unlike some who choose to suffer in silence, I have decided to fight back!”

The specific headlines Moore’s lawsuit cites include “GOP nightmare as Alabama’s Roy Moore signals he might run again” and “If Alabamans vote for Roy Moore, they deserve Doug Jones.”

Under the second headline, Lowe wrote, “Roy Moore, famous for being banned from a mall because he sexually preyed on underage girls and losing a Senate race in an R+14 state, apparently wants another round at the rodeo.”

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