Speak for America, John! This is John Bolton’s moment.

September 2, 1939, the day after Hitler’s invasion of Poland, saw fierce debate in the British Parliament. Following Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s temporizing remarks, the deputy leader of the opposition, Arthur Greenwood, rose to respond on behalf of the Labour Party. As he began to speak, Greenwood was famously interrupted by the anti-appeaser and former First Lord of the Admiralty, Leo Amery, who shouted from the Conservative back benches across the party aisle, “Speak for England, Arthur!”

Today one feels a similar urge to shout from the anti-Trump Republican back benches to Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton: Speak for America! The president stands impeached for distorting U.S. foreign policy on behalf of his personal political interests and covering up what he has done. John Bolton knows what happened. As he has confided to friends, he has also seen up close how this president runs our foreign policy and just how dangerous this is. “It’s worse than you can imagine” is what he’s reported to have said privately.

Now he needs to help us all imagine. He has a chance to act for the country, both by telling America what he knows and by setting an example for others in putting the nation’s welfare ahead of partisan loyalty and personal ambition. He should testify to the Senate, of course, and the Senate should ask him to do so. But nothing stops him from speaking up even if not subpoenaed.

Whatever the venue, he has a chance here to speak for America.

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