Start to Finish Overhead Footage Shows Incredible Size of the “March for Life”

The mainstream media may to its best to ignore the pro-life movement in order to help you or people you know stay ignorant to the fact that you’re not alone…at all.

The “March for Life” is America’s annual gathering of pro-lifers and to say that it’s a massive gathering is putting it lightly. Luckily, footage of the march was captured from a camera that was placed above the street the march walked down.

As you can see, the river of people seemed to never end. It should also be noted that this footage is sped up quite a bit, so the crowd was marching for some time before it was over.

This is the footage the left and pro-abortion movement would rather you not see. Not only do they want you to feel isolated, but they also don’t want their own side to see such an outpouring of support against their cause either. Such a sight would kill morale and possibly even plant the seed within pro-abortion people that pro-life has more to it than they originally thought.

In fact, they’re so against you actually coming out and supporting life in the open that they will literally threaten to take yours. According to Daily Caller, a pro-abortion woman was attempting to intimidate one of the pro-life students and telling her she was going to slit her throat if she didn’t get out of her way. The student refused, and officers were contacted, which lead to the woman being led away in handcuffs.


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