Chinese travel presenter who ripped apart a BAT with her hands before eating the ‘nutritious’ dish in her show begs the public for forgiveness after being blasted amid coronavirus outbreak

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A Chinese travel presenter has apologised to the public after a video of her eating a bat in 2016 went viral amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Wang Mengyun, who has gathered a massive following through her online travel show, is seen in the programme ripping apart the animal with her hands before eating it. 

The three-year-old clip became widely shared on social media after the health crisis broke out in China, sparking an uproar from web users.

In a post last week, the globetrotter begged the public for forgiveness, calling herself ‘ignorant’. She wrote: ‘I am sorry, everyone. I should not have eaten a bat.’ 

The controversy occurred as the province of Hubei in central China is ravaged by the novel coronavirus after it first emerged in the city of Wuhan late last month. 

The coronavirus has killed at least 106 people – all in China – and sickened more than 4,588 worldwide. 

The intensifying outbreak has led the authorities to quarantine at least 56 million people living in central China’s Hubei Province, including Wuhan, and cancel Lunar New Year festivities around the country. 

The virus, which can cause pneumonia, is poorly understood. Scientists now fear it may have spread to humans from snakes or bats


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