Confessed serial killer now linked to 30 deaths says he did it because ‘he got bored of playing at Fortnite’

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Henry W. Dexter, 57, was arrested last October for the murder of his roommate, John Bellamont, 63, after a dispute over a video game.

Dexter surprised the judge, the audience and even his own attorney during his trial after confessing to at least 30 killings in total, 19 of which the FBI has since been able to confirm.

“I did it because I became pretty good at Fortnite, too good I guess, and I got bored so I wanted to try the real thing and I guess I just got hooked,” he told a surprised judge.

“What I really like in Fortnite is building ramps and walls to protect myself. I could have killed way more if I could’ve built those, but I’m still proud of my kill score regardless,” he told a stunned audience.


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