De Blasio’s ‘sanctuary city’ laws leave NYC at the mercy of dangerous criminals: Devine

A predatory child molester and an alleged rapist are among the illegal immigrants released under Mayor de Blasio’s sanctuary-city laws in the last six weeks.

Why doesn’t the mayor look the victims in the eye and tell them how compassionate he is?

Spare a thought for the child, younger than 11, who was the victim of Andres Peña Perez, a 23-year-old illegal immigrant from Colombia.

Perez pleaded guilty in Manhattan Supreme Court last December to sexually assaulting the child and was released, pending sentencing.

ICE officers did their job after Perez’s fingerprints triggered a warning on their database. They issued a detention order so they could arrest him as he left jail.

But, of course, that’s not what happened.

The New York City Department of Correction ignored ICE’s detainer on Perez, because that’s what it has been commanded to do by de Blasio’s sanctuary policies.

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