“I’ve Been Taken Hostage – And Subjected to Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Listening to the Rantings of Adam Schiff”

The Florida Senator goes off in an EPIC RANT! …”It’s absurd. Good-bye! Go home!”

Senator Rick Scott: Hi I’m Rick Scott. As you have heard I’ve been taken hostage along with 99 other people in the US Capitol. We are receiving only milk and water. And we are being subjected to the cruel and unusual punishment of listening to the rantings of Adam Schiff, a person from a parallel universe. On a more serious note, everything that is happening in Washington around this impeachment fiasco is political theater. None of it is real and nothing will come of it. This entire drama that has consumed our federal government for months should have been conducted at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts not the US Capitol. One more thing you the taxpayers, you’re funding this entire production. But there’s no plot twist in this drama. It’s all very straight forward. The Democrats HATE Donald Trump. They don’t just dislike the guy. They hate him. They decided to impeach him even before he took office. The case they presented to the Senate was embarrassingly weak. Therefore, they wanted to use the Senate to go fishing for more evidence by calling more witnesses. They have admitted to the jury that their case is lame.

My message to the Democrats is simple. I’ve listened to your case and listened and listened. It’s absurd, good-bye, go home!

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