The Shortest Book Ever Written

Guest “the Anthropocene doesn’t exist” by David Middleton

The full text is available on ResearchGate… I didn’t bother to read it because the Anthropocene is 100% fake science. A scientifically accurate book about the Anthropocene would have this many pages: zero point zero

Epoch-scale geologic time periods of the Cenozoic era all end with the syllable “cene”.

The word is formed from two Ancient Greek words. Holos (ὅλος) is the Greek word for “whole.” “Cene” comes from the Greek word kainos (καινός), meaning “new.” The concept is that this epoch is “entirely new.”[11][12][13] The suffix ‘-cene’ is used for all the seven epochs of the Cenozoic Era.


Geologic time periods are generally defined by a Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) or “golden spike”. It is generally at the base (or beginning) of a geologic time period. The GSSP is a clearly identifiable boundary in the stratigraphic record. There are rules for defining GSSP markers.

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