Virus Scare Leaves 6,000 Quarantined On Italian Cruise Ship; Russia Closes Border With China

Update (0710ET): Airline employees are putting their feet down and demanding that their bosses halt flights to China, as more than a dozen airlines around the world have already done.

Air France cabin crew unions have demanded Air France stop flying to China, Reuters reports.

“Air France is monitoring the rapidly evolving situation in real time. The health and safety of its crew remain the absolute priority,” said Air France-KLM.

We’ve heard whispers of employee discontent before. But expect to see more to forcefully object.

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National health officials in Beijing announced a slew of new cases and virus-related deaths early Thursday morning (nearly 8,000 have been sickened, another 12,000 cases are suspected, and roughly 170 have died), but since then, things have been quiet.

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