Democrats court doom by backing Bernie Sanders. His ideas are toxic outside blue America.

Sanders has never won anything that really matters outside of Vermont, and all the available data shows his brand is a flop in red and purple states.


Let’s start with the actual results in the 2016 primary. It was not remotely close. Sanders lost by 3.8 million votes, 57-43%. She won 34 states and territories to his 23.

Still, Sanders’ team contends that the 2016 results augur well for him, because he dominated in the Midwest, where the presidency is often decided. In particular, they claim that he is popular in the former “Blue Wall” states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, which turned red in 2016 and delivered Trump his victory.

In fact, Sanders lost to Clinton by more than 200,000 votes in the nine states of the Midwest. In the three onetime Blue Wall battleground states, she topped him by over 45,000 votes, though he beat her in Wisconsin and edged her by a point in Michigan. In Ohio, Clinton won by 14 points and nearly 166,000 votes. The best you can say about this Sanders argument is that he didn’t lose as badly in the Midwest as he did elsewhere. 

Indeed, in the Sunbelt, the other area that Democrats hope to make a general election battleground in 2020, Sanders got absolutely crushed. He lost Florida 64-33%, Arizona 58-40%, North Carolina 55-41% and Texas 65-33%. Taken together, Clinton trounced Sanders in those four states by more than 1.2 million votes. 

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